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Our Collaboration with EvaluAgent

When we started working with EvaluAgent, organisational change was already in full swing due to the high growth tech environment the organisation operates in. More leaders were joining and there was a need to support the organisation with their recruitment capabilities through specialised Hiring Excellence Training. A comprehensive development programme was rolled out to equip hiring managers with advanced strategies, tools, and techniques to identify and onboard top-tier talent, aligning recruitment practices with organisational objectives. To future-proof the recruitment process, we also designed a Hiring Toolkit with guidance on processes, templates and videos.

Central to our cooperation was also the facilitation of their first ever Leadership Conference, gathering key stakeholders and Executives to strategise, collaborate, and envision the future trajectory of leadership within the organisation. Through interactive workshops and panel discussions, participants delved into and co-created a behavioural framework, fostering a culture of innovation, inclusivity and resilience.

  • Our Collaboration with EvaluAgent
  • Our Collaboration with EvaluAgent
  • Our Collaboration with EvaluAgent

Following the success of the initial initiatives, we also designed and facilitated a Leadership Development programme focused on high-performing teams. Through customised training modules, action learning sets and 121 MBTI development, we provided leaders at EvaluAgent with the tools and insights necessary to navigate complex challenges, drive performance excellence and foster a culture of continuous growth and development. To round out this programme, we continue to work with the organisation on the year ahead to integrate Coaching for leaders at various levels, offering personalised guidance and support to enhance leadership effectiveness and address individual development needs.


  • Enhanced recruitment processes leading to the acquisition of top talent.
  • Strengthened leadership capabilities and strategic alignment.
  • Improved performance management practices driving operational efficiency and employee engagement.
  • Cultivation of a dynamic learning culture fostering innovation and continuous improvement.

Through our collaborative partnership and multifaceted interventions, we were able to empower the organisation to thrive in an ever-evolving business landscape. By prioritising talent development, fostering leadership excellence, and instilling a culture of continuous learning, the organisation is poised to achieve sustained success.

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