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People Spark Solutions was launched in June 2020 to support organisations with their Learning, Talent and Organisational Development needs. In a short space of time we have built a strong client base.

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People Spark Solutions


Scott Smith

Scott Smith

Founder and Managing Director

With 20 years of experience in the People Profession, Scott is a pivotal consultant, providing essential support to organisations undergoing transformative change. As the leader of People Spark Solutions, he specialises in organisational development, coaching, and leadership, enabling organisations to thrive in dynamic environments.

Scott’s approach empowers organisations to navigate change effectively and achieve better performance outcomes. He develops comprehensive solutions for virtual and in-person facilitation of leadership development and assessment, coaching and mentoring, and outplacement/career transition services.

Drawing on his expertise and qualifications, Scott guides organisations through change, unlocking their full potential. His strategic approach fosters growth, resilience, and agility within teams and individuals. With proficiency in coaching and mentoring, he cultivates leadership excellence and drives transformative change at all levels.

Scott holds a Master’s degree in Strategic Human Resource Management, forming the foundation for his holistic approach to enhancing organisational performance. Leveraging psychometric tools like MBTI Step 1 and 2, Saville Assessments (including Wave), and the Be Talent suite, he provides valuable insights to optimise human capital and foster sustainable growth.

With a proven track record in organisational development, coaching, and leadership, Scott is a trusted partner for organisations navigating change. His commitment to enabling peak performance sets him apart as a valuable resource in the People Profession.


Dustin Hafki

Business Consultant

Dustin is an accomplished consultant at People Spark Solutions, specialising in strategic employee research and learning and development initiatives across various sectors. With a wealth of experience in this field, Dustin brings valuable insights and expertise to organisations seeking to optimise their workforce strategies.

Currently pursuing his Doctorate at Strathclyde University, Dustin demonstrates a commitment to continuous learning and staying at the forefront of industry trends. His academic pursuits enhance his ability to provide innovative solutions and evidence-based strategies to clients.

As a consultant, Dustin supports organisations in conducting strategic employee research, enabling them to gain valuable insights into their workforce and make informed decisions. Additionally, he excels in designing and implementing impactful learning and development initiatives that drive employee growth and organisational success.

Dustin’s breadth of experience spans across different sectors, allowing him to adapt his approach to meet the unique needs and challenges of each organisation he works with. His expertise, combined with a deep understanding of human capital and organisational dynamics, positions him as a trusted advisor and catalyst for positive change.

With a passion for empowering organisations and individuals, Dustin is dedicated to helping clients achieve their strategic goals through effective employee research and impactful learning and development.

Viccy Arnold

Viccy Arnold

Senior Learning & Development Practitioner

Viccy is a dedicated and seasoned Senior Learning & Organisational Development practitioner, boasting a remarkable 20-year career marked by successfully building and leading award-winning L&D teams. With a genuine passion for people Senior Learning & Organisational Development growth and a deep understanding of the transformative power of learning, Viccy brings a wealth of expertise.

As an accredited MBTI (Step 1 and Step 2) facilitator, Viccy excels in helping individuals and teams unlock their full potential by leveraging the power of personality assessments. Her qualifications and extensive experience as a Coach/Mentor, career and outplacement coach, and DDI Leadership Facilitator further strengthen her ability to support individuals and organisations through periods of change.

Viccy’s comprehensive skill set encompasses a wide range of areas, including personal and team development, leadership development, coaching and mentoring, action learning facilitation, talent assessment using MBTI, and facilitation of DDI tools and Be Talent psychometrics. By offering these diverse services, she provides invaluable support to organisations and individuals seeking to enhance their capabilities and achieve exceptional results.

With a firm commitment to empowering individuals and fostering organisational growth, Viccy is dedicated to creating impactful learning experiences and facilitating lasting positive change. Her extensive experience and unwavering dedication make her a trusted partner for organisations and individuals striving for continuous improvement and success.


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People Spark Solutions


We are delighted to share with you some events coming this September

‘Facilitating your people to adapt to new ways of working’

MBTI – Personal & Team Development

Detail: This event is an in-person develeopment day powered by Myers Briggs Type Indicator for leaders, managers and professionals.

Date/time:  24th August 2023

MBTI – Personal & Team Development

Detail: This event is an in-person develeopment day powered by Myers Briggs Type Indicator for leaders, managers and professionals.

Date/time:  14th Novemeber 2023

Now Closed

MBTI – Personal & Team Development

Detail: These events are powered by the Myers Briggs Type Indicator and is the perfect development for leaders, managers and professionals to learn about themselves and others.

Date/time: Thursday 16th February 2023, 9:30am 4:00pm

The future Workforce: Gen Z and the Cost of Living

Detail: This interactive session delivered by People Spark Solutions will focus on Gen Z in the workplace during the current Cost of Living crisis.

Date/time: Wed, 25 January 2023, 09:00 – 10:30 GMT

CIPD North East of England HR&D Awards

Detail: We are delighted to sponsor this year’s category “Excellence in Organisational & People Development” at the CIPD North East of England HR&D Awards.

Date/time: June 11th 2021

CIPD Northern Annual Conference 2021

Detail: We are excited to talk about Gen Z at the CIPD Northern Annual Conference 2021 as part of the panel on “Focussing on young people to build your talent pipeline”.

Date/time: May 6th 2021

Now Closed

Establishing a resilient mindset and preparing for future disruption

Detail: Are you and your team ready and resilient for what’s coming?

Date/time: 10-11am – September 8th

Key words: Resilience, strengths, leadership development, coaching

Now Closed

Future of work and work life balance

Detail: Exploring the new workplace and workforce post Covid and what this might look like for the new generation

Date/time: 15th September 10-11

Key words: Networking, insightful talks, special interest group

Now Closed

Performance Management Conversations

Detail: Insights and conversations about trends in relation to what’s next in the revolution of people performance

Date/time: 29th September 10-11

Key words:  Networking, insightful talks, special interest group (added extra of offering), opportunity to consult in organisations

People Spark Solutions


“The People Spark Solutions team is an incredible one to work with. They really think about the people who are involved in every situation and how to get the best out of them. There is nothing cookie-cutter about their approach, manner, or interactions and they care deeply about the impact they have on the businesses they work with. That’s what makes them so unique, good, genuine people who have the talent to back up their gorgeousness. Our team has loved working with them and it’s opened our eyes to how we can better support, retain, and attract our own talent. I have personally had coaching from one of the leaders at People Spark Solutions and it has changed my life for the better. I have found a safe space where I can share, learn, and reflect and it’s making me a better leader and person. The positive impact of the work that the team does cannot be underestimated, they are coaching people to be better leaders and in turn supporting those leaders to build workforces that are happier, more supported, and more heard. The world could do with more spark!”

Yasmin Davoodi – Commercial Director, ramarketing

“TWFRS worked in collaboration with People Spark Solutions to design an “Introduction to virtual learning” workshop to develop our people’s ability to make best use of the available communication technology when creating and delivering on line learning sessions within our organisation. Scott and Dustin were extremely effective in ensuring learners developed a deeper understanding of things to consider when developing virtual programmes of learning and how to facilitate more effectively in a virtual learning environment. They were friendly, engaging, knowledgeable and easy to work with from the outset. Their incredibly personable approach made the session interactive and informative, while challenging participants thinking and developing their skills. Overall, a pleasure to work with and a valuable, engaging session was designed and delivered to all”

Paul Fanning, Organisational Development, Tyne and Wear Fire Service

“Scott supported Northumbrian Water on a project focusing on transformational change within the Training Department. Scott brings with him a wealth of experience in Learning and Development/Change Management and was delivering results from day 1. Scott’s ability to identify problems/areas for improvement, scope out solutions and implement the right solution effectively has resulted in him reducing training costs significantly, maximizing stakeholder relationships and service we receive along with improving the overall efficiency of our practices allowing us to work on more value add activities. Scott is professional, delivers results, adds more value beyond the remit of his assignment and I would highly recommend him”

Erin Price, Head of Talent and Training, Northumbrian Water Group

“Thanks for a great couple of days. I have to say, having done this sort of stuff lots over the years, I can honestly say that I’ve never felt more energised or enjoyed the sessions as much as I did and the feedback has been amazing from the team. Really looking forward to doing more work together as we continue to move forward.  (following the delivery of their first Leaders Conference)”

Chief Executive, EvaluAgent

“During lockdown 2020, Scott facilitated a remote session for me and my team using MBTI and the concept of virtual teams, very apt given the global pandemic and the fact that my ‘new’ office based team were now working remotely from home which was a new experience for them but also for me given that I had only been with the business 6 weeks at this point in time.

Given that Scott has not had any previous interaction with my team, he facilitated a really engaging and thought-provoking session.  Scott was exceptionally well prepared, giving lots of his own examples to bring the session to life but also had lots of discussion questions for the team and even shared some fun bits with the team afterwards.

I will definitely be working with Scott again, when the right project comes up as he certainly has a lot to offer.”

Lindsay Muers - Assistant Director of People, Bernicia

“Back in 2018, like a number of other L&D Teams, we were heavily reliant on face to face delivery for our training. We were keen to exploit the benefits that a more self-led, digitally blended, and bite-sized learning model could bring us – especially dealing with speed of change and expectations of our people. We instigated a project led by Scott to start to address this.

This multi-faceted programme involved developing a self-led learning culture within our business, investing in carefully selected digital tools that would create a straight-forward and engaging learning experience and upskilling our team on the design and delivery of training through these new modalities.

Two years on and blended, digital learning is part of our business as usual, with 87% of our entire course catalogue delivered in this way. As you can imagine, when the Covid-19 pandemic hit, this put us in a superb position to be ready to react and we were able to convert the remainder of our training to virtual classroom for those times when only face to face training will do. We are more agile, we have saved costs and our learners still remain as engaged as ever in developing the skills, knowledge, and behaviours to help us succeed.”

Jen Usher, Head of Learning and Development, Computershare

“We commissioned Scott to develop and deliver an engaging and practical mentoring workshop for senior HR professionals.

Feedback on the value of this and Scott’s delivery style was exceptionally positive, with attendees commenting on his ability to create an open and rich learning environment in which experienced coaches and mentors could share and learn from peer practice.”

Elouise Leonard-Cross – CIPD North East Branch Co-Chair

“Scott used the personality profiling tool (MBTI) to facilitate a feedback session on my strengths. I was able to use this back in the workplace with my team and in doing so helped me identify areas of focus for my career and development”

Dee Lunn - Head Of Digital, Defacto Designs
People Spark Solutions


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